Everything written on this blog reflects my own opinion and views at the time of writing. I am open and honest in my reviews, and while I try to be tactful I will call a spade a spade. While I try to make sure information is accurate, I am not a qualified professional makeup artist, skincare therapist or medical doctor and anything written is based on my personal experience and should not be considered professional advice.

If I am ever paid to write an article I will clearly state so. If I write about products or services which have been suppliedΒ to meΒ free of charge I will always state in my review that the product was sent to me. However, my views expressed on the product or service are my own and not influenced by any third party.Β Whether or not I feature products which have been donated to me is at my discretion.

The content, including photographs, published on the blog should not be copied or republished without my permission. If I use information from other sites the source will be linked. Plagiarism is not acceptable, whether you are writing an academic thesis or writing a blog.


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